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The 16th of June in our School-garden camp

Today  some of my classmates and I came to the Mother school and had a general morning training with our teachers. We danced and sang Armenian national songs. Then one of the campers who, has come from Israel, recited an Armenian poem. After that some Georgian students began to dance their national dances.
20160616_133042 20160616_104908
Then we went to our Art School with Mrs. Armine. There we had our theatrical rehearsal as tomorrow we are going to give our own theatrical performance in the Art School. After the rehearsal we went to a place where Mr. Levon showed us how to make animated dolls out of plasticine. It was very interesting for me.
20160616_125300 20160616_125550
20160616_130940 20160616_131349
I made a plasticine eagle. Then we came back to our school-garden where we ate something and played board-games.
I had a very interesting and bright day despite the bad weather.

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