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English verb tenses

Simple present-հասարակ ներկա

Ես մուտքագրում եմ տեքստեր ամեն օր:

I enter texts every day.

He, She It.

My brother enters texts every day.


Does he enter texts every day?

Anna doesn’t enter texts every day.

Simple past.

I entered text yesterday.

Ես մուտքագրեցի տեքստեր երեկ:

He (go) went to the zoo yesterday.

Did I enter texts yesterday.

He didn’t go to the zoo yesterday.

Last week, lats year, three years ago.

I helped Chakor because she is a good girl. And I didn’t helped Imli because she is a jealous.J


Simple future

I will halp Chakor because  she is not greedy.

Ես կոգնեմ Չակորին, որովհետև նա ագահ չէ:

Will you halp me, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi?

  • I will halp you If you give me $ 100000.
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How to make my summer holidays more interesting?

In order to make my summer holidays more interesting, I have decided to continue learning English. I have also decided to go to the fitness club. My fitness club is in Kievyan street. I go there with my cousin Mariam.

At the fitness club we do physical exercises to the music.

I don’t like it very much because I get tired and my muscles ache.

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English in summer

I want to learn English because English is an international language. If I know English well, I can speak English to the Chinese, Iranians, Turks, German and French people. I know that in order to speak English well one should speak a lot. I can speak English to my mother and grandfather. They are English teachers. I can also read English books. During my summer holidays I continue learning English. Besides learning English I go to the fitness club.

I want to study Mathematics because it is very important in our life. If I don’t know Mathematics, I will not be able to do shopping. I know that in order to know Mathematics well one should solve a lot of Mathematical problems.



Once a week I go to my piano lessons. My piano teacher is Lilit Arakelyan. I love playing the piano. Music makes our life more pleasant and beautiful. Two years ago I liked Lady Gaga and Jenifer lopez. I listened   to their songs every day. Now I like Indian music because I think it is melodic.

But the music that I play on the piano is classic.