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Hunter “Patch” Adams

April 16 – April 20

Classroom activities – Have Fun

Grammar – Present Perfect Simple

Read the text, understand it and do the exercise

I think I have had a very interesting life. I’m 73 now and I don’t work anymore. I was in the army for 51 years. I retired when I was 69. I have been to so many countries that I can’t remember all of them. I’ve been to Australia six or seven times and to South Africa three times. I have also been once to Russia but I didn’t like it at all: much too cold for me!

They say that love is the greatest thing and I agree. I’ve been married four times but never for more than five years. I don’t think women really understand me!

I’ve never been on television, but I’ve been on the radio once. It was a programme about life in the military about twenty years ago. I met the Prime Minister on the same day. Actually, I’ve met a lot of famous people: members of the royal family, famous politicians and also famous cinema and television personalities. I’ve never met the American President though which is a pity.

Because I’ve travelled a lot, I’ve seen a lot of wonderful things and have also eaten and drunk some strange foods and drinks. I ate cat and rat in India and drank something called Mirto on a little island in Italy many years ago.

  1. Read the text  (Hunter “Patch” Adams) again and express your idea about him. Whether you would like to have such kind of doctors in our hospitals.If yes. Why?/ If no. Why?

It’s very interesting text about Adams. I would like to have such kind of doctors in our hospitals. In that case patients will be happy to see doctors.

All doctors in our country are good, but that does not mean that they can do their job well.

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