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English idioms with animal names

The elephant in the room – a big problem in the family about which the family members do not want to speak.
One trick pony – when a person does well only one thing or has only one ability.
The lion’s share – առյուծի բաժինը – is the biggest part or portion
Hold your horses – Do not hurry
Let the cat out of the bag – reveal the secret – Գաղտնիքը բացահայտել
Go to the dogs – to go bad, become poor quality վատանալ, փչանալ
Let sleeping dogs lie – Do not remember something bad which was in the past
Like a fish out of water – to feel very uncomfortable
Wouldn’t hurt a fly – describes a very peaceful and kind person
Ants in your pants – when someone is very restless and can’t sit or stand still because he is very excited
Quit cold turkey – stop doing something
Black sheep in the family – someone who is always causing trouble in the family
Pig-headed – Describing a stupid person (հայերենում ասում են «էշի գլուխ»)
Open a can of worms – cause new problems (որդերի տուփը բացել)
Wild goose chase – chase (հետապնդել ) something which is very difficult to catch

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